Pre-alim Course - Paving the Way

Open to all - Separate Seating for Sisters - Ages 15+ 26 seats now available.


23rd Sept 2018
9.15am - 1.30pm


The Alstom Building

Our 1 year, Level 3 pre-alim programme introduces learners to key academic disciplines which underpin Islamic scholarship. While foundation units focused on core fundamentals, these intermediate units provide a pathway leading to more advanced study.

A carefully designed prepatory course serving as a pathway to more advanced Alimiyya level studies.

Units covered on this intermediate year three course:

Islamic Legal Theory

An insight into the comprehensive system codified by great Islamic jurists.

Imam al-Nawawi's 40 Hadith

A study of one of the most important collections of ahadith.

Principles of Hadith Validation

Learn how hadith are compiled, categorised, authenticated, and narrated.

Prophet's Portrait: The Shama'il

Study of the outer and inner characteristics of the final Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to think critically, identify flawed arguments, and much more.

Principles of Quranic Exegesis

Connect yourself back to your holy Book.

Gateway to Arabic: Grammar and Syntax

Learn classical Arabic grammar using proven methods and contemporary techniques.

Gateway to Arabic: Words and Meanings

Quickly and efficiently maximise the amount of Arabic vocabulary you know.

The Tutors

Master Classes from qualified teachers

Pricing & Enrolment

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Please note, the cost of £250 covers a three term year, split over 30 weeks.



Will be available after the early bird promotion expires on August 17th.


I have enjoyed my time learning with the ISNAD Institute, as it has allowed me to keep in touch with my Islamic studies at a comfortable pace. The course has inspired me... Iram, Purification of the Heart
Excellent course. Inspiring and motivational. Makes you reflect and helps you make a change. Fatimah, Arabic
It was an awesome experience, I made new frieds and really formed a spiritual attachment with the teachers... Javeria, Islamic Sciences Programme

Why is this course for you?


This course is ideal for those wanting a flexible and relevant part-time programme studying classical Islamic Sciences.

Reviving the Tradition of Learning in Islam

Only by studying the sacred knowledge may we become more conscious of Allah (taqwa), precisely emulate the exemplar of the Prophet ﷺ, and follow in the footsteps of the righteous scholars ('Ulema).

Traditional Tutelage

Study with some of the most renowned and accomplished teachers in the UK.

Pathway to Islamic Scholarship

The aim of this course is to produce future scholars and leaders who will serve the Muslim community with excellence and sincerity.

Location and Venue


The Alstom Building, Leigh Rd, Birmingham, B8 2YH

Islamic Studies In Manchester

This course is also available in Manchester with Guidance Hub.

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