Study of Ibn Asakir's Guiding Creed

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10th Nov 2018



This short course combines the study of classical Islamic Aqida with contemporary discourse about faith. It aims to equip you with a working knowledge-base of our fundamental beliefs about Allah in both historical and current contexts.

In addition to the 3 live lessons, you will be provided with opportunities for guided reading and discussions to support your learning.

Key features:

Student centred approach

Completely online

Study a classical text in 3 days

- Study a classical text in 3 days

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Master Classes from qualified teachers

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I have enjoyed my time learning with the ISNAD Institute, as it has allowed me to keep in touch with my Islamic studies at a comfortable pace. The course has inspired me... Iram, Purification of the Heart
Excellent course. Inspiring and motivational. Makes you reflect and helps you make a change. Fatimah, Arabic
It was an awesome experience, I made new frieds and really formed a spiritual attachment with the teachers... Javeria, Islamic Sciences Programme

Why is this course for you?


This course is ideal for those wanting a flexible and relevant part-time programme studying classical Islamic Sciences.

Reviving the Tradition of Learning in Islam

Only by studying the sacred knowledge may we become more conscious of Allah (taqwa), precisely emulate the exemplar of the Prophet ﷺ, and follow in the footsteps of the righteous scholars ('Ulema).

Traditional Tutelage

Study with some of the most renowned and accomplished teachers in the UK.

Pathway to Islamic Scholarship

The aim of this course is to produce future scholars and leaders who will serve the Muslim community with excellence and sincerity.

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